Our lounge area is framed by the white domes of the ceiling, open to the sky with circular glass skylights, scattered here and there. We therefore have at our disposal a friendly, multifunctional space, in which we encourage our guests to socialize, to have fun, to taste the dishes prepared by us with love, or even to spend time in our artistic workshop. The open kitchen lets you see us working on the pan and you are our guest to join us, if that’s what you want. The dining area is right next to the kitchen. Also in the lounge you will find the Reception where we will be at your disposal between 8:00 and 20:00. The whole lounge space is furnished in a minimalist and comfortable way with tables that turn into comfortable armchairs and vice versa.

The cast iron stove where the wood crackles in winter invites you to stories with all your loved ones. For those who can’t give up TV, we even have two in our lounge. The Reception Terrace is another place to socialize from where you can better admire the beautiful view of the Fagaras Mountains.