Here I used wood in all sorts of shapes. The chandelier, the bedside table and the wardrobe are made of tree branches, the tree-type bookcase was cut with a chainsaw, the headboard is suspended with a thick rope and was carefully built from many, many colored wooden cubes, all to take you with the thought of the carpentry craft.

In the bathroom, the sink is made of pyrographed and stained wood, and the way the tiles around it create the impression of a tree branch and the boxes made of wood as shelves or appliqués complete the decor.


At “Dealul Verde” Guesthouse pets have the same rights as two-legged guests. Parking, in-room refrigerator, TV, and Wi-Fi are implied, and the indoor fireplace, outdoor fireplace, and trowels only complete the perfect story frame. And, because the “Green Hill” itself is the embodiment of a dream, we strive to offer the best conditions for sleep, so we provide guests with a Pillow Menu to meet any need.


Sleep has never been more pleasant than the one experienced at “Dealul Verde” and that’s because we offer you a diverse menu of pillows: ergonomic pillow, goose down pillow, soft pillow / synthetic farm, or anti-allergenic pillow.

Svg Vector Icons :

At Dealul Verde you will not find walls that resemble each other, that have a linear or rigid geometric design. On the contrary, we invite you to step into our corner of the world, welcoming you with an organic design, wavy lines and curved shapes, inspired by nature.


For a truly unforgettable experience, we urge you to end your day with a bath in the hot tub and a sauna that offers a spectacular view of the mountains. We say they are the right way to eliminate daily stress and regain your energy for the next few days. Upon request we can also provide massage service in the room